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Paradigm-shifting, data-driven, evidence-based, worker-empowering, potential-optimizing, competition-outperforming business & management consulting.

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Fiercely independent, trail-blazing, innovative, holistic political-economic analysis & strategy consulting.

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User-experience-driven, vision-realizing, industry-disrupting bleeding-edge web, cloud & app development.

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Barrier-breaking, creativity-unleashing, analytics-driven, competition-differentiating marketing & branding consulting.


Browse some projects we are really proud of.
Browse some projects we are really proud of.
Concord Wilshire
Business & Management Consulting
Economic Analysis & Strategic Consulting
Marketing & Branding

Concord Wilshire

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Our Values

Our shared values at Vision & Hope drive and influence everything we do, in our relationships with our clients, our work product, how we function internally and how we relate to the global community.


People Matter.  We believe that people are an organizations most important asset.  We strive for an empowering work environment, where individuals thrive, care deeply about their work product and take initiative. 

Creativity, problem solving, innovative thinking and passion flourish when people work in a diverse and empowering environment where they feel camaraderie, a sense of equity, mutual respect and dignity. 

Capitalizing on limitless human potential: talent, creative and critical thinking are often the least tapped resource in most enterprises.  We believe in an enjoyable yet challenging workplace where participants are pushed to excel through peer esteem and proper and fair incentives.

Valuing people does not end outside our organization and those of our clients, but extends into the communities we work in and across the globe.


Ideas can alter the course of history.  They can drastically increase efficiency and improve quality of life.

Ideas should be judged based on their merit - not the title of their source. Logic, facts, data, transparency and objective analysis must guide the decision-making process. 

We strive to create an environment that values people and provides opportunities for visionary thinking and innovation.

No matter how great an idea is, it can't be implemented if the idea can't be described in an accessible and jargon-free manner. 

Furthermore, there must be openness to new ideas.  Individuals must feel empowered to question the status quo.  Our job is to tell it like it is, even if it's not what management wants to hear.


Without proper implementation, ideas are just fantasy.

Ideas must be realistic and implemented in a fashion that leads to real results.  At Vision & Hope, we don’t just deliver ideas and concepts in a report; we create real value by offering real services, tools and training to implement our clients' strategic goals.

At Vision & Hope, we deliver real efficiency gains, real value and real results.  We judge our success on the success of our clients.


Integrity means acting ethically and with honesty.  

At Vision & Hope, ethical behavior and professionalism are taken with the upmost seriousness.  Integrity is our standard in our work product, how we operate internally, how we conduct ourselves with our clients and how we conduct ourselves in the global community.

Integrity means telling the truth, even when it takes courage and is unpopular.  We encourage constructive criticism, and promote an open environment where unconventional solutions, innovative thinking and breakthroughs flourish.

Our clients appreciate our objectivity and honesty and depend on us to 'tell it like it is' especially when others shy away from the truth.

Trust Based Relationships

We believe in long term relationships based on integrity and trust. We earn our clients' trust because of our deep commitment to our values and our history of proven results. 

We view our clients as partners and advise accordingly with long term and sustainable solutions.

Most of our clients have been with us for years.  Most of our new clients are referrals from existing clients.


There are times when teamwork and collaboration proves more effective than independent work, particularly in creative problem solving, peer review and critique.  When appropriate, we advocate team-based approach where all options and opinions are considered.

We believe in helping, developing and coaching each other and our clients.


At Vision & Hope, we strongly value diversity.  In fact we feel diversity is fundamental to success.  We strive for an inclusive environment where all individuals have an opportunity to thrive and succeed regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age.

Valuing diversity means actively attracting, retaining and developing individuals from diverse backgrounds.  We embrace differences and recognize that diversity of background and identity leads to diversity of thought, expertise and experience.  These differences are an opportunity to benefit from new and unique perspectives and solutions.

Diversity is not only important because it makes organizations stronger, but also because it allows us to serve clients and our community better.


Vision & Hope is committed to protecting the environment.  Earth's resources are scarce and must be protected and used as efficiently as possible, while minimizing waste.

We take environmental sustainability into consideration in everything that we do.  This includes how we operate internally and the recommendations we make to clients.  Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of environmental consulting services.

Valuing the environment also means ensuring healthy community, living and work spaces.

Social Responsibility

Vision & Hope is about making a lasting positive impact on society.  We strive to make the world a better place through our work, through pro bono projects and through volunteerism.

Pro bono work

We regularly offer our superior services and consulting to non-profit organizations addressing important community, environmental and social issues.  We help non-profits be more effective.


Serving important causes is part of our culture at Vision & Hope.  Our consultants regularly volunteer and fundraise with organizations and causes that are important to them.

Art & Culture

Through various partnerships V&H supports important art and cultural events including free concerts and important art exhibits.

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