Fiercely independent, trail-blazing, innovative, holistic political-economic analysis & strategy consulting.

We provide financial & economic analysis, reporting and strategic consulting for a wide variety of public, private & non-profit organizations.

“[T]he responses of important economic professionals and the publicity given economic findings are correlated with the increased market demand for specific conclusions and a particular ideology” - Edward S. Herman, Professor Emeritus of finance at the Wharton School of Business

Explain. Predict. Guide.

We judge theories on how accurately they explain a phenomenon, how precisely they predict outcomes, or how insightfully they guide us to our desired outcome.

But much of mainstream economics fails in these three metrics because of inherent biases toward rationalizing the status quo. As a result, there is far too much indoctrination and not enough relentless logic.

We don’t drink the Kool-Aid. But we also don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. At Vision & Hope, we take a modern approach combining the best of mainstream and political economy.

Our models are better at explaining, predicting, and guiding.


Economic Analysis & Strategic Consulting Services:

Economic Research & Analysis

Better models.  More compelling explanations.  More accurate predictions.  Better guidance.


Labor market analysis.  Wage and equity analysis.  Discrimination.

Environmental Impact

Externalities assessment.  Corrective modeling.  Economic incentive studies.  Policy suggestions addressing the root causes of environmental degradation: incorrect economic incentives.

Regulatory, Fiscal, and Monetary Policy

A holistic, multidisciplinary approach to assessing the pros and cons of various policy initiatives.