WinDirStat is a great hard drive usage visualization tool that helps you identify and clean hard drive space issues.  If you are running low on disk space or just want a cleaner system, this tool will provide a visual of what is hogging up your precious space.

With the high cost of high-capacity Solid State Drives (SSD), SSD users must keep a close eye on their limited drive space.  WinDirStat will help keep your SSD under control.

WinDirStat will help you identify some of the typical culprits:

  • Program and internet temporary (temp) files
  • Cloud-based programs leaving huge local cache files
  • Bloatware and malware
  • Unnecessary programs that can be uninstalled
  • Duplicate files
  • Old files / photos / videos / PST files that can safely be moved to an external drive
  • Old System Restore files
  • Hibernation files (hint: disable Hibernation unless you must have this feature)

You can download the free Open Source GPL WinDirStat here: